Light outside Red Door Recovery residence

Stormy seas can be navigated with the Red Door Recovery programme

Welcome to Red Door Recovery

Red Door Recovery (RDR) delivers two year recovery and support programmes, commencing with an intensive three to eight weeks for both residents and outpatients, plus a week for detox if required (alcohol detox may require an external resource).

We have a maximum of five clients (four residents) at any time – small, focused groups in a responsive, caring and professional programme held in a family environment at a secluded recovery ‘ranch’ 40 minutes from Wellington Railway Station, with large grounds, trees, gardens and a stream, with nearby bush and river walks.

Staff outnumber clients 2 to 1.

At RDR we don’t just focus on the problem, we also explore the ‘why’ – and there is always a reason; something underlying. And, without healthy connections in our lives, it is easy for us to make instant connections with drugs or alcohol. Or both. Until we uncover the reasons for our ‘self-medication’ and confront those reasons, long term recovery is extremely difficult. As Johann Hari says, “the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is connection.”